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Type of contract

Fixed term contract Full-time



Job details

Company Presentation
Main job
Unskilled Production Operator -
Job description

Carries out sampling of the finished
product and semi-products based on the sampling instructions.

2. Analyzes the finished product and
the semi-product based on the control plant's control plan.

3. Fills up the control plan of the laboratory.

4. Prepares and delivers samples to an
internal laboratory and an external laboratory (Elixir Prahovo), based on a
work order.

5. Takes care about shipment of the
finished product to the warehouse and regulates the operation of all devices on
the dispatch system.

6. Takes care about the filling in of
the finished product warehouse. Takes care not to overfill the warehouse by
timely movements of the shipping system.

7. Maintains hygiene of the workplace.

8. Performs cleansing of MKF recycle and
raw materials at all positions in the plant, and its further classification
based on the instructions for handling the recycle.

9. Controls the conditionality of boxes
and doses intended for storing and restoring conditional recycle in the

10. Complete the checkbox for the warehouse
box and the dispensary.

11. Regulates the return of conditional
recycle in the process.

12. Performs the removal of all
external objects from the plant, in order to prevent possible contamination of
the product.

13. Controls and cleans the magnet for
removing metal garbage from the product by completing the accompanying check list.

14. Monitors the operation of all
devices on the system during plant installation cleaning, and immediately
informs the maintenance (electrician / locksmith) and the supervisor of all
irregularities detected.

Candidate criteria

Experience level
I degree of vocational qualifications – of a general